Mailing products and letter shop

In addition to continuous and digital printing, our in-house production unit also offers a wide variety of envelope and lettershop solutions. State-of-the-art technology facilitates the production of small series as well as large print runs.

Details of our printing services

  • Continuous laser printing
    For medium-sized to large print runs, continuous printing is more cost-effective.
  • Single sheet laser printing
    Single sheet printing is the best option for small series
  • Digital color printing
    For mail shots with small to large print runs. Four-color personalization as well as glossy printing underscore your competitive advantage and individualization
  • Inkjet printing
    Ready-to-use products (envelopes, cards, order forms and catalogues) can be personalized and addressed


At the further processing stage we cut and fold your product to the desired size. With our inserting machines we can produce mailings with up to 8 sections in C6 to C4 envelopes (letters, flyers, postcards, reply envelopes etc.) quickly and securely.

As even the very best technology can have its limits, or projects can get a little more complicated than usual on account of their special dimensions, eager helping hands also help ensure perfect manual packaging.


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