With geomarketing, geographical information systems (GIS) can be used to establish, analyze and depict the spatial relationships of studied data. Thanks to clear and easy-to-understand mapping, these geographical aspects are visualized for marketing purposes.

In the field of sales, geomarketing is deployed above all in 2 areas:

  • For operating field staff, to analyze spatial potential
  • When planning and coordinating sites (branch networks and franchising concepts)


We offer you a wide variety of geomarketing analyses:

  • Cartography
    Customer density, distribution of purchasing power or Sinus Geo Milieus® can be depicted visually and spatially
  • Location analysis
    Evaluation of existing and new branches according to their earnings potential
  • Fluctuation analysis
    Representative information about the relocation behavior of citizens, with reference to age and family structures
  • Sales territory analysis
    Transparent and differentiated assessment of the sales structures of individual territories

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