Consumer data ch-privat®

Reach your target group with accuracy and precision using our consumer data ch-privat®. In addition, we also offer you various selection criteria, enabling you to address recipients in a targeted and direct manner. Customer-focused targeting will boost your response rates and minimize wastage. Your marketing efficiency will be markedly enhanced.


Our consumer data ch-privat® are thoroughly updated on a daily basis, and are administered within the context of ISO certification and GoodPriv@cy®. This means the data are always absolutely up-to-date and comply with today’s stringent data protection standards and expectations.


Consumer data ch-privat® - your potential

  • 6 million private addresses in Switzerland
  • Over 100 different socio-demographic selection criteria, such as for example age, purchasing power category, skill level and income
  • Selections according to psychographic criteria thanks to the exclusive Sinus Geo Milieus®
  • Geographic selections, for example according to cantons, WEMF territories, municipalities and zip codes
  • Private addresses with a benefactor track record, as well as sector-specific selections
  • Daily updates and rectification of the private addresses
  • Highest level of data protection (banking standard) ensured thanks to ISO certification and Good Priv@cy®

Selection criteria ch-privat®

Selection criteria ch-privat®
Selection criteria ch-privat®

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